Covievent, the carpool organizer - What is it?

CoviEvent is both carpooling event, private car sharing, carpooling meetings / trainings, carpooling with friends or colleagues or associative carpool!

CoviEvent is an online tool simple and free, dedicated to the organizers of private events and their communities (a collocation or an associative activity or a family reunion).

The basic idea is to share a page where all participants can organize themselves without having to call or send emails and without signing up to a carpool site like

This tool is intended for three types of people :
  • those who want to facilitate carpooling within their community to go to an event ( organizers )
  • those who are looking for a vehicle to get to the intended place ( passengers )
  • and finally, people who want to propose seats in their vehicles ( drivers ).

CoviEvent has been designed to be the easiest to use ,like other organizational tools like Doodle, Framadate or Weezevent. No unnecessary account creation or login: only people with the link created by the organizer are authorized to make changes to carpools and thus contribute collectively to the organization of eco-responsible trips.

The service preserves the confidentiality and the integrity of your sensitive data (email address, phone number...) and these won't be disclosed and used otherwise than for the proper functioning of the private carpool service Covievent.